saraievo 2001-2002, giovani Artisti contro la guerra, steven cafe busignani

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Steven Cafe Busignani in quegli anni performance di Libertà
On reaching the river, I began to think about the goodness of mother nature, the smell took me back in time and many old friends came to mind mixing up happy feelings and melancholic moments. The big rock was still there. I was pleased to see it again. I remembered how nice it was to sunbathe on it, like being on an island, surrounded by turquoise coloured water;
I recalled a summer night, when the full moon was shining, when the white stones of the river reflected the light, creating magic scenes and silver reflections formed enchanted streams.
In front of the big rock is a small hill, partially covered with grass and surrounded by bushes and trees; a great place to set up the tent and light a fire.
From there, you can see the tower on the hill, the rock and the river, but there are no special places by the river because it is all so unique and special. When I come here, I never wear a watch. I leave it to the light of the warm sun to decide the pace of day and night; when the sun is in the west, behind the mountain, the time has come to light the fire without which the damp nights of these parts would be unbearable.
By the river, I learn to recognise the wild plants and birds that venerate the dawn and dusk. 
When I am alone, I eat very little, some fruit and rice. When I am with friends, for me it’s a holiday. 
The first few days are usually spent getting used to the new life, living in the open. Getting used to simple things can be hard. But the reward is a big one, when you feel the earth cradle you lovingly, with your mind turned to the eternal, beautiful songs can be heard. On occasions, I have cried, overcome by a sort of compassion for life, which like a river never stops. Then, like a medicine, happiness saves the day.
I feel the need to collect lots of stones, with their charming shapes and colours. Some of these, of sedimentary rock, form small miniature landscapes. Then there are the flowers and lots of sweet-smelling plants, but when you think you wouldn’t like anyone to touch the flowers in your garden or move even one stone, you are pervaded by a strong sense of respect for this place which is God’s garden.
The earth is so beautiful that you feel you are living in paradise. This place teaches you a lot, on the harmony of movement and building, without damaging.



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